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Philly Contest Results!

Although the Rosenblum Cup has not quite drawn to a close, we’ve got news on the winner of another game, our very own Philly Contest. The results were really very surprisingly close. Really.

The teams to make the top eight of the Rosenblum Cup were: Zimmerman, Strul, Vito, Diamond, Robinson, Fleisher, Wolfson, and Nickell. The keen observer will notice that more than half of the players on these teams have registered as American, with the remaining few hailing from Italy, Norway, France, Bulgaria, and Israel.

One lone contestant picked Bulgaria, who did not make it past the top eight, and no one selected Israel, from where Ron Pachtman and Eldad Ginossar from team Wolfson hail.

While everyone who entered chose both the USA and Italy, only nine contest entrants managed to pick both Norway and France as well, earning them the most points. These prescient few are:

Wayne Burrows, Howard Chen, Ron Fertig, Peter Gill, Tom Gotard, Prahalad Rajkumar, Dave Smith, Kristian Stegenborg, and Mike Yuen.

If wishes were fishes and correct guesses were dollars, I’d take all the winners out for fish and chips. But since we only have one grand prize, we’ll be sticking to the contest rules and awarding the prize to Kristian Stegenborg, who submitted a winning entry first.

Congratulations to Kristian, and to all the entrants! Your prizes will be en route to you shortly!

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Dave Memphis MOJOOctober 14th, 2010 at 2:17 am

Thanks for running a fun contest!

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